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Portable H2S gas detector

Portable H2S gas detector

Learn about Portable H2S gas detector

Portable H2 gas detector

Portable H2S gas detector is a gas detector used to detect hydrogen sulfide gas leakage and can timely alarm. Portable H2S detector adopts humanized design, light body, easy to carry and operate, built-in high sensitivity hydrogen sulfide sensor probe, fast response, sensitive response, accurate measurement, with multiple alarm function over limit. It is suitable for gas storage leakage monitoring, workshop disinfection residue detection gas leakage, indoor air gas detection and other fields.

Portable H2S gas detector Features:

1.High sensitivity – A good H2S gas detector should be able to detect even low levels of the gas. 
2.Portability – H2S gas detectors should be lightweight and easy to carry, enabling workers to monitor their surroundings and protect themselves wherever they go.
3.Durability – H2S gas detectors must be robust and able to withstand harsh industrial conditions.
4.Fast response time – A quick response time ensures that workers are alerted to dangerous levels of H2S immediately, allowing them to evacuate the area promptly.
5.Compatibility with personal protective equipment – Many H2S gas detectors are designed to integrate seamlessly with personal protective equipment.

Portable H2S gas detector parameters:


 Technical index
 Detection gashydrogen sulfide
Hydrogen sulfide measurement range0-100ppm

Hydrogen sulfide measurement resolution


Hydrogen sulfide measurement default alarm point

Measurement methodelectrochemical
Charging time≤8H (standard)
Display erro≤ soil 3%F.S
Explosion-proof markEXIA II CT6
Recovery time≤30S
Protection levelIP65
Response timeT90<30s
Linearity ≤ 2
Repeatability≤ soil 2
Charging time≤8H(standard)
Power supply: 3.6V DC, 1500mAh (standard) lithium battery
Communication modeUSB (charging and communication)


What is hydrogen sulfide gas?


Hydrogen sulfide is an inorganic compound with a molecular weight of 34.076. It is soluble in water with a melting point of -85.5 ℃ and a boiling point of -60.4 ℃. Under standard conditions, hydrogen sulfide is a flammable acid gas with no color and a rotten egg odor at low concentrations.


What is a hydrogen sulfide sensor?


Hydrogen sulfide sensor is a gas sensor designed to detect hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless flammable gas with a special smell of rotten eggs. It is irritating and asphyxiating, and has great harm to human body. At present, the colorimetric method and gas chromatography are mostly used to determine hydrogen sulfide in air.


Why test for hydrogen sulfide?


Hydrogen sulfide is mainly produced in municipal sewage pipes, manure tanks, mines, pulp mills…. Where the air is not circulating, the lack of ventilation leads to the continuous accumulation of hydrogen sulfide gas, which leads to the rising concentration of conditions. That’s why there are so many cases of grief.

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