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JXCT provides easy-to-use, accurate, high-quality gas detectors with gas monitoring and audible and visual alarms to protect personal safety. It is the guide enterprise of gas detector and the professional manufacturer of gas sensor.

From customized research and development, production, engineering construction, bidding and other aspects, it provides comprehensive services and forms a brand with high reputation, high return rate, and high development in the industry.

Committed to providing customers with high-quality and affordable online water quality monitoring equipment, creating high levels of efficiency.

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The company has established a one-stop complete service system, with dedicated personnel serving the sold products, providing unlimited sales consultation and engineering technical support to quickly solve customer problems.

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Our portable gas products are devices designed to facilitate gas detection in a variety of situations.

portable gas detector

Portable NO gas detector

Portable NO gas detector is a gas sensor independently developed by Jingxun, which is convenient for users to carry to the site to detect nitric oxide gas concentration.

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Portable carbon dioxide gas detector

Portable carbon dioxide gas detector is a gas sensor used to monitor carbon monoxide concentration independently developed by JXCT, with long standby time, to solve your frequent charging battery and other problems.

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Portable sulfur dioxide Gas Detector

The portable sulfur dioxide gas sensor is a portable detection and alarm device that focuses on detecting the concentration of SO2 in the air. The SO2 gas leak detector has a high-definition liquid crystal display and functions.

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