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MQ6 propane gas sensor- semiconductor C3H8 sensor

MQ6 propane gas sensor- semiconductor C3H8 sensor

semiconductor C3H8 sensor Introduction

The MQ6 propane gas sensor, a semiconductor-based C3H8 sensor, is a highly sensitive and accurate device for detecting propane gas. Its compact design, reliable performance, and long-term stability make it a trusted choice for gas detection needs.

Semiconductor gas sensor

Semiconductor C3H8 sensor has good sensitivity to organic vapor in a wide concentration range, and has the advantages of long life, low cost and simple driving circuit. The MQ6 gas sensor has high sensitivity to toluene, acetone, ethanol and formaldehyde, and is ideal for monitoring hydrogen and other organic vapors. The sensor can detect a variety of organic vapors, making it a gas sensor suitable for a variety of applications

Gas sensor Features

1.The machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, can be mounted in portable, fixed, pipe type.

2. stainless steel protective net, high protection, easy to clean effective protection from particulate matter and impurities, easy to maintain and use.

3. high-performance chip, breakthrough manufacturing process, product performance significantly improved.

4.long service life, low cost, simple driving circuit.

5. high resolution, high sensitivity, fast response speed, strong anti-interference force.


This product is widely used in household gas alarm, industrial gas leak alarm, and portable gas detector.

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