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MQ3 Ethanol gas sensor – Semiconductor C2H6O gas sensor

MQ3 Ethanol gas sensor – Semiconductor C2H6O gas sensor

Semiconductor C2H6O Gas Sensor Introduction

Semiconductor C2H6O gas sensor is a gas sensor developed by the company using advanced semiconductor production technology. Semiconductor C2H6O gas sensor is made of solid metal oxide semiconductor material, which has high sensitivity to ethanol gas. The ethanol sensor has the characteristics of low cost, simple driving circuit, long service life, high resolution and strong anti-interference ability.

Semiconductor gas sensor

Gas sensor Features

1.The machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, can be mounted in portable, fixed, pipe type.

2. stainless steel protective net, high protection, easy to clean effective protection from particulate matter and impurities, easy to maintain and use.

3. high-performance chip, breakthrough manufacturing process, product performance significantly improved.

4.long service life, low cost, simple driving circuit.

5. high resolution, high sensitivity, fast response speed, strong anti-interference force.

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This product is widely used in household gas alarm, industrial gas leak alarm, and portable gas detector.


What is ethanol gas?

ethanol is an organic compound with the simplified structure of CH₂OH or C₂H₅OH and the molecular formula of C₂H₆O, commonly known as alcohol. Ethanol at normal temperature and pressure is a volatile colorless transparent liquid, low toxicity, pure liquid can not be directly drunk. The aqueous solution of ethanol has the aroma of wine, and slightly pungent, sweet taste. Ethanol is flammable and its vapour can form an explosive mixture with air.

What is an ethanol gas sensor?

Ethanol gas sensors, also known as alcohol gas sensors, are useful for traffic police to detect drunk driving and can be used in other places where alcohol is prohibited. With the rapid development of sensor technology, the use of ethanol gas sensor is more and more practical, and the detection effect is more accurate.

What are the long-term hazards of inhaling ethanol gas?

Long-term inhalation of ethanol gas will lead to nutritional metabolic disorders, liver cirrhosis, osteoporosis and so on. Long-term inhalation of ethanol gas is harmful to human body. Because of long-term inhalation ethanol can lead to some nutritional metabolism disorders in the body, such as calcium will be lost, calcium deficiency in the human body, and then the formation of hypocalcemia, and even cause osteoporosis, easy to induce fracture. In addition, the body’s main organ for ethanol metabolism is the liver. Long-term inhalation of ethanol will increase the metabolic burden of the liver, cause alcoholic liver, even fatty liver, damage liver function, and even lead to liver cirrhosis and primary liver cancer.

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