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O3 Gas Sensor-UV ozone sensor module

O3 Gas Sensor-UV ozone sensor module

O3 sensor module Introduction

UV ozone sensor module has the characteristics of long life, high accuracy and no oxygen dependence, which has been used as the standard method for ozone analysis. Ultraviolet ozone sensors are inexpensive and can continuously monitor gases. It has a wide range of applications, people often use it in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, factories.

Product Features:

(1)Performance stability continuous monitoring
JX-O3-103 series is a kind of sensor which uses ultraviolet absorption technology to measure ozone (O3) content in air.

(2)UV light source / UV detector
UV Ozone sensor module uses UV light source and UV detector to process the measurement and reference signals.

(3)No oxygen dependence
UV O3 sensor module uses high quality chip, accurate measurement, no oxygen dependence, low power consumption. Fearless of harsh environment. Even in harsh temperature and environmental conditions, stable and reliable measurement results can be obtained.

(4)Supporting secondary development
The product supports secondary development and can be customized without secondary calibration.

(5)Stainless steel polishing process
The product is made of stainless steel polishing process, stable performance, can be used in a variety of environments, waterproof and corrosion resistant.


Air Quality Monitoring:

Ozone sensor modules are commonly in air quality monitoring systems to measure ambient ozone concentrations in environments.

Industrial Processes:

In industrial settings, ozone sensor modules are employed to monitor and control ozone production, usage, and emissions.

Indoor Air Quality Management:

Ozone sensor modules are in indoor air quality management systems, particularly in commercial and public buildings, to ensure healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

Environmental Research:

Ozone sensor modules are valuable tools for environmental research, particularly in studying atmospheric chemistry, climate change, and pollution dynamics.

Water Treatment:

The ozone sensor module monitors and controls the ozone dose of water treatment facilities for disinfection.

Agriculture and Horticulture:

Ozone sensor modules have applications in agriculture and horticulture for monitoring and controlling ozone exposure in controlled environments.

Product images and details:



Parameter nameParameter content
Measuring range0-100000ppm (default)
Measurement resolution1ppm
Response time<30S(25°C)
Measurement accuracy±5%F.S(25°C)
Preheat time<1min(25°C)
Reach accuracy<3min(25°C)
Operating Voltage9-24V DC
Average power consumption<60mA
Working humidity0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Operating temperature-10~60°C
storage temperature-20~70°C
Infrared light source band2-14um

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