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Cl2 Sensor Module -Chlorine Gas Sensor

Cl2 Sensor Module -Chlorine Gas Sensor

Cl2 sensor module Introduction

The Cl2 sensor module is a critical component of water monitoring systems, designed to detect and measure chlorine levels in various water sources. Chlorine, commonly used for water disinfection, is crucial for ensuring safe and potable water supply. The Cl2 sensor module utilizes advanced technology to provide accurate and real-time chlorine concentration data, enabling proactive management of water treatment processes and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
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Product Features:

(1)The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, only 10g, and can be used in portable, fixed, pipeline and other appearance sensors. (2)With temperature compensation function, factory accurate calibration, direct use, no need to use calibration. (3)Intrinsically safe circuit design, plug and play. The sensor life can be protected after power failure. (4)Support RS485, analog voltage, TTL serial port and other interface output mode. (5)Variable gain amplifier circuit, high resolution and high sensitivity. Fast response and strong anti-interference ability.


The Cl2 gas sensor module is used in the production and installation of portable and stationary gas detectors. And a variety of gas detection occasions and equipment.

Product images and details:

Product Parameters:

Monitor gas model Range Detection principle
oxygen JXM-O2 0-30% (default) Electrochemistry
O3 JXM-O3 0-10ppm (default) 0-1000ppm (Optional) Electrochemistry
SO2 JXM-SO2 0-20ppm (default) 0-2000ppm (Optional) Electrochemistry
JXM-SO2-103 0-1W/0-10Wppm NDIR
CH4 JXM-CH4 0-100% (default) Catalytic combustion
JX-CH4-103 0-10W/20W 50W/100Wppm NDIR
Freon JXM-Freon 10-100 ppm Electrochemistry
H2 JXM-H2 0-100% (minimum) Catalytic combustion
HCN JXM-HCN 0-50ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
NH3 JXM-NH3 0-100ppm(default) 0-1000ppm(Optional) 0-5000ppm(Optional) Electrochemistry
HCL JXM-HCL 0-50ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
Cl2 JXM-Cl2 0-20ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
C6H6 JXM-C6H6 0-100ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
F2 JXM-F2 0-1ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
C2H6O JXM-C2H6O 0-1000ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
PH3 JXM-PH3 0-20ppm (default)/0-2000ppm (optional) Electrochemistry Electrochemistry

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