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SO2 Sensor Module- sulfur dioxide Gas Sensor

SO2 Sensor Module- sulfur dioxide Gas Sensor

SO2 sensor module Introduction

Sulfur dioxide sensor module are instrumental in the detection and measurement of this harmful gas, which is a byproduct of various industrial processes and combustion of fossil fuels. These sensors play a critical role in monitoring ambient air quality and ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in both indoor and outdoor environments. This article aims to delve into the significance of sulfur dioxide gas sensors, their impact on air quality monitoring, technological advancements, and the imperative need to integrate these devices into diverse settings to mitigate the risks associated with SO2 exposure.

Product Features:

High sensitivity: Sulfur dioxide sensors are highly sensitive to sulfur dioxide gas.

Real-time monitoring: The sensor module provides real-time monitoring capabilities to provide continuous data on sulfur dioxide levels.

Accuracy and precision: The sulfur dioxide sensor provides precise and accurate measurement of sulfur dioxide gas levels.

Wide detection range: The sensor module is capable of detecting a wide range of sulfur dioxide concentrations, from trace levels to higher concentrations.

Compact and portable design: Many SO2 sensor modules are compact and portable, suitable for deployment in a variety of environments.

Low power consumption: The energy efficient design of the SO2 sensor module ensures low power consumption, making it suitable for continuous monitoring applications.

Digital output and connectivity: Sensor modules typically have a digital output interface that can be connected to data acquisition systems and iot platforms.

Stability and reliability: Sulfur dioxide sensor modules with long-term stability and reliability to ensure performance over a long period of time.

Product details:

Product Parameters:

Monitor gasmodelRangeDetection principle
oxygenJXM-O20-30% (default)Electrochemistry
O3JXM-O30-10ppm (default)
0-1000ppm (Optional)
SO2JXM-SO20-20ppm (default)
0-2000ppm (Optional)
CH4JXM-CH40-100% (default)Catalytic combustion
FreonJXM-Freon10-100 ppmElectrochemistry
H2JXM-H20-100% (minimum)Catalytic combustion
HCNJXM-HCN0-50ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
HCLJXM-HCL0-50ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
Cl2JXM-Cl20-20ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
C6H6JXM-C6H60-100ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
F2JXM-F20-1ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
C2H6OJXM-C2H6O0-1000ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry

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