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Multi gas Module sensor -gas sensor customization

Multi gas Module sensor -gas sensor customization

Multi gas module sensor Introduction

Multi gas module sensor comes into being, integrating advanced sensing technology and microelectronics technology, can detect multiple gases at the same time. These sensors have undergone significant technological advances over the years. This increases sensitivity and reliability while reducing size, power consumption and maintenance requirements.

Multi gas module sensor

Product Features:

Multi-Pollutant Detection:

Multi gas module sensor

Multi gas module sensors with a combination of specialized sensors that can detect and measure multiple pollutants simultaneously.

High Accuracy and Sensitivity:

Advanced multi gas module sensors employ state-of-the-art sensing technologies that ensure high accuracy and sensitivity even at low concentrations of pollutants.

Compact Size and Versatility:

Multi gas module sensors are compact and lightweight, making them suitable for deployment in various settings, from industrial facilities to residential areas.

Low Power Consumption and Long Battery Life:

Modern multi-gas module sensors use energy-efficient components and low-power microprocessors to extend battery life.

Wireless Connectivity and Data Transmission:

Many multi gas module sensors incorporate wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, LoRa, allowing for seamless data transmission to remote monitoring systems, cloud platforms.

User-Friendly Interface and Data Visualization:

Multi gas module sensors often feature intuitive interfaces that display real-time data and provide easy access to historical records.

Customizable Configurations and Scalability:

Multi-gas module sensors can adjust the detection range to meet specific application requirements.

Multi gas Module sensor

Product Parameters:

Multi gas Module sensor
Monitor gasmodelRangeDetection principle
oxygenJXM-O20-30% (default)Electrochemistry
FreonJXM-Freon10-100 ppmElectrochemistry
H2JXM-H20-100% (minimum)Catalytic combustion
HCNJXM-HCN0-50ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
HCLJXM-HCL0-50ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
Cl2JXM-Cl20-20ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
C6H6JXM-C6H60-100ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
F2JXM-F20-1ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry
C2H6OJXM-C2H6O0-1000ppm (minimum)Electrochemistry

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