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air quality sensor-Multi-parameter air quality sensor

air quality sensor-Multi-parameter air quality sensor

Air quality sensor Introduction

Air quality sensor are advanced equipment for monitoring the concentration of various pollutants and substances. These sensors play a vital role in assessing and maintaining air quality. With the ongoing concern about air pollution, air quality sensors have become an indispensable tool in every environment.

air quality sensor

Features of Air Quality Sensor

Multi-Pollutant Detection:

Modern air quality sensors are with advanced sensing technologies that enable them to detect multiple pollutants simultaneously.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Air quality sensors provide real-time data on pollutant concentrations, allowing for immediate identification of potential hazards and prompt implementation of mitigation measures.

Accuracy and Sensitivity: High-quality air quality sensors are designed to deliver accurate and reliable measurements, even at low concentrations of pollutants.

Durability Resistance:

Air quality sensors are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to dust and other contaminants.
Wireless Connectivity and Data Transmission:

Many air quality sensors incorporate wireless communication technologies such as LoRa, enabling seamless data transmission to remote monitoring systems , cloud platforms.

Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance:

Air quality sensors are typically designed with energy-efficient components and require minimal maintenance.

User-Friendly Interface and Data Visualization:

Modern air quality sensors feature intuitive interfaces that display real-time data and provide easy access to historical records.

Integration with Other Systems:

Air quality sensors can be seamlessly integrated with building management platforms.

The air quality sensor has three appearances to choose from, and you can choose the appropriate air quality sensor according to your needs.

Product Parameters:

Measurement parametersTechnical indexMeasurement parametersTechnical index
power supplyBus power supply, 12-24V DCOperating temperature0 to 50°C
energy consumption≤0.15W (@ 12VDC, 25°C)Working humidity15- 90% (no condensation)
Pressure rangeStandard atmospheric
pressure ±10%
Service life5 years (normal environment)
RepeatabilityLess than 2% of the output
Baud rate2400/4800/9600
Response time≤15 secondsShelf lifeComplete machine 2 years
(probe warranty 1 year)
Communication portRS485/4-20mA/0-5V /0-10VTVOC measurement accuracy5% F.s
Working humidity environmentRelative humidity 20- 90%eCO2 measuring range400-5000ppm
Working pressure range0.9-1.1 atmosphereeCO2 measurement methodgas sensitivity equivalent
TVOC measuring range0-1000ppbThe measurement accuracy of
equivalent, this value is for
reference only
TVOC measurement methodOptical detection methodaspect110X 85 X 44mm3 (wall-mounted)

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