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SF6 gas sensor – Sulfur hexafluoride sensor

SF6 gas sensor – Sulfur hexafluoride sensor

Learn about the SF6 gas sensor

sf6 gas sensor

SF6 gas sensor is a wall-mounted gas sensor used to detect SF6 gas concentration using NDIR detection technology. SF6 gas can only be truly detected by using non-dispersed infrared detection method (also known as NDIR) equipment. After 2 years of dedicated research, JXCT launched the NDIR sulfur hexafluoride gas sensor.

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SF6 gas sensors Features

1. Beautiful appearance, small size and easy installation;

2. Fast response speed and high measurement accuracy;

3. Strong anti-interference ability;

4. Reasonable structural design and stable performance;

5. Full-scale calibration output, good consistency;

6. International standard internal wiring and external installation.

7. Range 0-500ppm.

8. On-site power supply adopts a 12~24V DC wide-voltage power supply.

gas sensor

SF6 gas sensor Parameters

SF6 gas sensor

Product details

1. Four-core waterproof shielding cable

Waterproof and oil proof, pit interference ability is strong, stable signal transmission

2, boutique probe

Built-in high sensitivity probe, high precision, good linearity, easy installation, long transmission distance.


What is sulfur hexafluoride gas?

Sulfur hexafluoride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula SF₆. It is a colorless, odorless, nontoxic and nonflammable stable gas at room temperature and pressure.

What is SF6 gas sensor?

SF6 sensor is designed for monitoring sulfur hexafluoride, can effectively monitor the concentration of sulfur hexafluoride, and when the limit value is exceeded, timely alarm, remind people to avoid harm.

What are the effects of sulfur hexafluoride gas?

1, the new generation of ultra-high voltage insulating medium material.

2, can be used for non-ferrous metal smelting and casting process, can also be used for aluminum and its alloy melt degassing and purification.

3, mainly used in high voltage switch arc extinction, in large capacity transformers and high voltage cables as insulation materials.

4, used as a gas insulator for electronic equipment and radar waveguides.

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