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Freon sensor – Freon gas transmitter

Freon sensor – Freon gas transmitter

Learn about the Freon sensor

Freon sensor is a gas sensor used by JXCT to monitor the concentration of Freon gas in the environment by using the principle of semiconductor gas detection. The built-in high-performance semiconductor gas sensor has the characteristics of high sensitivity, accurate measurement, no fear of condensation, strong anti-interference and so on.

Freon sensor Features

1. Beautiful appearance, small size and easy installation;

2. Fast response speed and high measurement accuracy;

3. Strong anti-interference ability;

4. Reasonable structural design and stable performance;

5. Full-scale calibration output, good consistency;

6. International standard internal wiring and external installation.

7. can adapt to a variety of on-site DC power supplies.

PH3 gas sensor

Freon sensor Parameters

Product details

1. Four-core waterproof shielding cable

Waterproof and oil proof, pit interference ability is strong, stable signal transmission

2. boutique probe

Built-in high sensitivity probe, high precision, good linearity, easy installation, long transmission distance.

The mounting ports are located on both sides of the device. The diameter of the mounting holes is less than 4mm. You can install them to the desired position by screws. The sensor is lightweight and convenient, easy to install and durable.


What is Freon gas?

Freon is a common refrigerant, there are many kinds, common R22, R32, R134a and so on. Freon is generally a gas at room temperature and pressure, slightly aromatic. It is a transparent liquid under low temperature pressure. It can be miscible with halogenated hydrocarbons, monoalcohols or other organic solvents in any proportion, and can also be miscible with fluorine refrigerants.

What is a Freon gas detector?

Freon gas detector, is a portable Freon concentration detection instrument, using imported special electrochemical sensor, small size, light, can be tested in many places, the characteristics of this kind of gas is that users can switch the machine at any time, the battery and sensor can also be changed.

What are the uses of Freon gas?

Freon is widely used as refrigerant, foaming agent, cleaning agent, widely used in household appliances, foam, daily chemicals, cars, fire equipment and other fields.

The thermal properties of freon refrigerant vary greatly with different chemical composition and structure, and it can be applied to high temperature and medium temperature cryocooler to get used to the requirements of different cooling temperatures.

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