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Cl2 gas detector-fixed chlorine leak gas detector

Cl2 gas detector-fixed chlorine leak gas detector

Fixed Cl2 Gas Detector
Protect yourself, your team, and your assets from the dangers of chlorine gas leaks with the revolutionary Fixed Cl2 Gas Detector. This state-of-the-art technology provides continuous, real-time monitoring of chlorine levels in ambient air, ensuring the highest level of safety in industrial, municipal, and healthcare environments.
Cl2 gas detector Features:
  • Unmatched Chlorine Specificity: Unlike traditional gas detectors, the Fixed Cl2 employs advanced sensor technology that specifically targets chlorine gas, eliminating false alarms from other compounds. This means faster response times and fewer wasted resources.
  • Early Leak Detection: With a low detection limit, the Fixed Cl2 can identify even the smallest chlorine leaks before they reach dangerous levels. This provides precious time for evacuation, mitigation, and prevention of potential accidents.
  • 24/7 Vigilance: Never again worry about missed hazards. The Fixed Cl2 operates continuously, providing 24/7 monitoring for complete peace of mind.
  • Customizable Alarms: Set multiple alarm thresholds to match your specific safety protocols. The detector will trigger visual, audible, and optional signal outputs upon reaching pre-defined chlorine concentrations.
  • Robust and Reliable: Engineered for harsh industrial environments, the Fixed Cl2 is dustproof, weatherproof, and explosion-proof, ensuring reliable operation even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Seamless Integration: The Fixed Cl2 easily integrates with existing safety systems and control panels for comprehensive gas detection management.
Fixed Cl2 Gas Detector
Fixed Cl2 Gas Detector
(1) Quality assurance of high-quality probes: We use a variety of high-quality probes to ensure that the probes are sensitive and have a long life; (2) Fine workmanship, waterproof and dustproof: double waterproof treatment for shell seam/wire interface, waterproof grade up to IP65; (3) Die-cast aluminum shell with high explosion-proof grade: the shell is Exd II CT6 explosion-proof to protect the internal components; (4) The probe protection is meticulous and thoughtful: the stainless steel mesh protects the probe part, which does not affect the gas in and out while protecting the probe; (5) Double protection of sound and light alarm: the alarm can produce a siren sound of nearly 80dB(A), and is supplemented by red light prompts, which is strong in warning.
1. Water Treatment Plants: Chlorine plays a crucial role in disinfecting water supplies, but leaks can pose serious health risks. Fixed Cl2 detectors mounted near tanks, pipelines, and dosing stations provide early warnings, enabling swift action to contain leaks and protect workers and the surrounding community. 2. Chemical Production and Storage: Chemical plants dealing with chlorine production or storage face constant exposure risks. Strategically placed Cl2 detectors offer continuous monitoring, triggering alarms even at low concentrations, allowing personnel to evacuate and implement mitigation measures to prevent accidents. 3. Pulp and Paper Mills: Chlorine bleaching is a key step in paper production. However, accidental releases can harm both workers and the environment. Fixed Cl2 gas detector placed throughout the bleaching process ensure early detection of leaks, minimizing downtime, protecting employees, and preventing environmental damage. 4. Food and Beverage Processing: Chlorine finds use in sanitation and disinfection within the food and beverage industry. To safeguard against accidental exposure, fixed Cl2 detectors monitor critical areas, ensuring product safety and worker well-being. 5. Swimming Pools and Water Parks: Maintaining safe chlorine levels in pools is crucial for preventing microbial growth. Fixed Cl2 detectors placed near poolside equipment and chemical storage areas offer real-time monitoring, preventing over-chlorination and accidental leaks that could harm patrons and staff.
Technical Parameters:
Parameter name Parameter content
Measuring range 0-100%LEL
Measurement method Catalytic combustion
Response time Generally <15s
Baud rate 2400/4800/9600
Communication port RS485/4-20mA/0-5/10V
Power supply Bus power supply, 12-24V DC
Power consumption <1W
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Working environment humidity 15-90%RH (non-condensing)
Explosion-proof grade ExdlI CT6

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