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Fixed Freon gas leak detector

Fixed Freon gas leak detector

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Fixed Freon gas leak detector with industrial-grade high-definition interface. The housing is made of die-cast aluminium technology. The gas leak detector is a equipment specially designed to continuously monitor the concentration of freon gas in the environment. The detector data 24 hours a day. Highly sensitive sensors can detect low concentration leaks and trigger an alarm when exceeding the limit. Some devices also have wireless data transmission, temperature compensation, and self-test capabilities to ensure measurement accuracy and safety.

Fixed gas leak detector Features:

(1) Quality assurance of high-quality probes: We use a variety of high-quality probes to ensure that the probes are sensitive and have a long life; (2) Fine workmanship, waterproof and dustproof: double waterproof treatment for shell seam/wire interface, waterproof grade up to IP65; (3) Die-cast aluminum shell with high explosion-proof grade: the shell is Exd II CT6 explosion-proof to protect the internal components;                                                                (4) 15 seconds quick response, the probe adopts the international high-quality sensor probe, the monitoring is more accurate, and the life span is guaranteed;

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