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Combustible gas sensor module-CH4,H2,CO,H2S

Combustible gas sensor module-CH4,H2,CO,H2S

Combustible gas sensor module Introduction

The combustible gas sensor module typically consists of a sensing element, signal processing circuitry, and output interface. The sensing element is responsible for detecting the target gas molecules and generating a corresponding electrical signal. There are different types of sensing elements used in combustible gas sensors, including metal oxide semiconductors (MOS), catalytic bead sensors, and infrared sensors, each with its advantages and limitations.

Product  Features:

(1) The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, only 10g, and can be used in portable, fixed, pipe and other appearance sensors. (2) With temperature compensation function, factory accurate calibration, direct use, no need to use calibration. (3) intrinsically safe circuit design, plug and play. Protects the service life of the sensor after power failure. (4) Support RS485, analog voltage, TTL serial port and other interface output mode. (5) Variable gain amplifier circuit, high resolution, high sensitivity. Fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability.


We put combustible gas sensor modules in a variety of applications, depending on the specific requirements and environmental conditions. Some common examples include: Portable gas detectors for personal safety in confined spaces. Fixed gas detection systems for continuous monitoring of hazardous areas, such as factories, warehouses, and offshore platforms. Indoor air quality monitors for residential and commercial buildings to detect carbon monoxide, natural gas leaks, and other pollutants. Automotive exhaust gas sensors for emissions control and fuel efficiency optimization in vehicles.

Product images and details:

Product Parameters:

Monitor gas Model Range Detection principle
Flammable gas JXM-LEL 0-100% (default) Catalytic combustion
Oxygen JXM-O2 0-30% (default) Electrochemistry
Freon JXM-Freon 10-100 ppm Electrochemistry
H2 JXM-H2 0-100% (minimum) Catalytic combustion
HCN JXM-HCN 0-50ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
HCL JXM-HCL 0-50ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
Cl2 JXM-Cl2 0-20ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
C6H6 JXM-C6H6 0-100ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
F2 JXM-F2 0-1ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry
C2H6O JXM-C2H6O 0-1000ppm (minimum) Electrochemistry

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