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Fixed CO2 gas detector

Fixed CO2 gas detector

Learn about fixed CO2 gas detectors

Fixed co2  gas detector are specially developed and produced for harsh environments. The professional testing carbon dioxide concentration sensor probe is used as the core detection device. It has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision, good linearity, good versatility, convenient use, easy installation, long transmission distance and moderate price. Industrial-grade sensor for continuous monitoring of gas concentrations. The certificate is complete, there are a variety of options, and can be purchased on demand. There are a variety of options for the alarm controller, and the optional external control ports are rich.

Fixed CO2 gas detectors Features:

(1) High-definition LCD color screen display, industrial-grade high-definition interface, intuitive display with 320*240 resolution; (2) Multi-machine selection of alarm controller, rich in optional external control ports, easy to use, sound and light alarm; (3) Waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-condensation, the shell adopts die-cast aluminum technology, IP65 waterproof; (4) A variety of signal output, support RS485/4G/Lora and other signal output; (5) Remote control, can claim to switch interface to view data.
Fixed NO2 gas detectors

Fixed CO2 gas detector Function

Continuous Monitoring – Fixed CO2 gas detector continuously monitor CO2 levels, providing real-time updates and alerts. Early Detection – Since fixed CO2 gas detectors operate 24/7, they can detect leaks. Cost-effective – Fixed CO2 gas detectors are a cost-effective solution compared to portable devices, which require regular calibration and replacement batteries. Customizable Alarms – Many fixed CO2 gas detectors offer customizable alarms, such as audible, visual, or vibrating alerts, depending on the specific requirements of the environment.

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